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Who are we

Playative specializes in science and STEM education solutions.

We develop and manufacture environmentally friendly educational

products and comprehensive interactive lessons.

Our primary focus is promoting self-directed learning.

Playative is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand

Our misson

The upcoming generation will mold the destiny of humanity, those who wield the knowledge of science will have the greatest influence.

We seek to nurture the innate curiosity within every child, setting them on a journey of lifelong discovery.

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Our Products

Our product offerings redefine science education through a dynamic blend of individual hands-on experiences and interactive media.
Our approach not only imparts knowledge but also provides a fresh perspective on science lessons, allowing learners to grasp complex ideas effortlessly. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our efforts to minimize single-use plastics and prioritize locally sourced materials in our production process, ensuring a holistic and responsible educational journey.

Product Examples

Playative Camps:

Playative hosts live teaching seminars using proprietary kits and lesson plans.

Our adept educators guide participants through lessons based on Playative’s proprietary kits combined with unique science demonstrations, making learning both engaging and unforgettable

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We have established relationships with government agencies, schools, and distributors
We have developed under contract the “Playative X NSTDA STEM KIT” product line.
These products are sold through NSTDA channels nationwide.
Playative also provides science camps to schools in cooperation with NSTDA*

Our products are available through the National Science Museum in Thailand and in Singapore and Malaysia through our distributors.

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